mcsecretsmod (mcsecretsmod) wrote in mcflysecrets,

To Submit:

1. Create your secret

2. Upload your secret to imageshack, tinypic or any other image hosting service that will not reveal your identity in the URL or otherwise (i.e not twitpic or your photobucket account etc)

3. Post the DIRECT URL as an anonymous - Click comment, then more options, select the anonymous option - to THIS post (comments are screened)

4. Secrets will be posted every Sunday before 10pm unless otherwise stated.

5. If there is secret you wish removed from the previous weeks please leave a comment in this post also (anonymous or with your name) stating your reason for its removal. All reasonable and polite requests will be met.

Please send your secrets in by midnight saturday to get into the next day's submissions.
Secrets will be posted by 10pm sunday, unless otherwise stated.

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