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Was I invading in on your secrets?

Was I too close for comfort?

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McFly Secrets
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The secrets that are posted here are not real. They are made up and are expressed by people who submit them, not the moderators. Do not take these secrets seriously.

McFly Secrets
Established 2005 by happysmileygirl 
Credit to ljsecret  and http://postsecret.com/ for the original idea.


shezzalicious x_sweet_repose loranlily
mdmazing mihosays ether_radio

Submit a secret

1. Create your secret

2. Upload your secret to imageshack, tinypic or any other image hosting service that will not reveal your identity in the URL or otherwise (i.e not twitpic or your photobucket account etc)

3. Post the DIRECT URL as an anonymous - Click comment, then more options, select the anonymous option - to the current post stated (comments are screened)

4. If there is secret you wish removed from the previous weeks please leave a comment(anonymous or with your name) stating your reason for its removal. All reasonable and polite requests will be met.

Please send your secrets in by midnight Saturday to get into the next day's submissions.
Secrets will be posted by 10pm Sunday, unless otherwise stated.


We are in no way connected/related to McFLY, their management, Super Records etc.

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