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Some stuff!

Hey so from now on all submissions will be posted from this account so that we can edit each others entries more easily when there's a problem because we wont have to wait for whoever made the post to come back online.

Secondly we may be  looking for a new mod. We're currently operating (as of this morning) at one less than we have been doing but we're at the moment undecided as to whether we'll continue to do so or recruit another. This is all down to who applies really so if you think you'd like to take on the role then applying is really simple.

Simply login to twitter and @ reply to our twitter account ( and tell us why you'd think you'd be good at the job by August 2nd.

Decisions will be made by Loran, Sam and Sheryl and the successful applicants will be notified by 10pm on the 3rd August.

Thanks :)
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