x_sweet_repose (x_sweet_repose) wrote in mcflysecrets,

Secrets postponed.

Secrets will be postponed this Sunday until next Sunday (19th July). Serah Adams, a well loved McFly Officials boardie passed away on 7th July. Secrets being postponed will signify our respect for Serah and how much of an impact she made on the McFly community as a whole. She was well known on the boards and was an inspiration to many. When Sheryl saw how upset many people on twitter were, myself included, she suggested postponing. It may be a small, insignificant gesture in the bigger scheme of things, but I think it's only fitting that we relinquish all of the bitching, to remember what this fandom is really all about. I've met some amazing people just through listening to McFly, and Serah was proof of that. She was a gift to us all.

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